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About us

Pacific Lures was founded by fishermen – for fishermen.

After fishing with the same old painted jigs for decades, and dealing with the same issues of destroyed paint and rusted rings, we decided to see if we can make a better mouse trap so to speak.  Using modern technologies we are able to take high-resolution digital images of the most popular forage bait fish and squids and bond them to jigs in a manner far superior to painting.  These proved to be extremely effective at catching fish of all species.  It just makes sense don't you think?  Match the hatch!

Using this process we are able to bring you a jig with brilliant colors.  The image below is a side by side comparison of the common painted jig in “Dorado” color vs. our finish of an image of actual Dorado skin. 

We then use VMC hooks with TIG-welded stainless steel rings.  The TIG welded ring creates one solid stainless steel ring which is far superior in all respects to a brazed ring.  

You will most likely lose our jigs before you wear them out.

Please take a few minutes and review what we have to offer.  We thank you for stopping by.

Tight Lines!

Gary C. Puls, Owner